Appointments are marked as a No Call No Show when....

The appointment time has lapsed longer than 15 minutes. Our system will automatically apply 50% fee from that days services to your account. This fee will be applied to your next scheduled service.

Appointments that are not cancelled within a 2 hour time frame from the start of the appointment, will also be marked as a No Call No Show. 

Please call us within 2 Hours of your appointment start time to cancel or make changes to your appointment.

Pet Pick Up Policy

Pets that are left in our care for MORE than 1 Hour after being notified ready for pick up. Will be charged a Late Pick Up Fee. 

Please inform us if you can not pick up your dog within a proper amount of time. 

Late Pick Up Fee will begin 1 hour after being notified that the pet has been ready for pick up. 

These fees will also be applied if you have NOT picked up your pet before we close.

Late Pick Up Fee

$10 per hour

Please be prompt in picking up your pets.

Pets not picked up by CLOSE. Will be charged a $45 Over Night Fee and can be picked up the following morning.